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Magnetic Field Therapy is a physical therapy, in which broad pulsating magnetic fields of extremely low frequency are made usable for therapeutic purpose. An organism can be affected bio-energetically by a broad pulsating magnetic field of a certain frequency and intensity. These magnetic fields penetrate the body, as we as each cell. The ions existing in the cells, which are well known to be magnetically sensitive, are moved in the frequency of the magnetic field pulsation. This pulsation improves a cell’s oxygenation, and thusly, its metabolism.



  • Illnesses of the supporting and movement apparatus, also rheumatism and arthritis

  • Sport injuries such as bruises, sprains, torn muscles and ligaments, tennis elbow

  • Retarded wound and fracture healing

  • Headaches and migraine (special forms)

  • Heart and circulation illnesses, blood saturation disturbances

  • Metabolic illnesses

  • Bronchitis and inflammations of the nasal cavities (acute and chronic)

  • Tumor illnesses

  • Subsequent treatment after operations and tooth extractions, for improved wound healing.

The above broad range is based on the fact that the magnetic field therapy completely penetrates the body’s tissues and has a strong effect at all levels. The pulsating magnetic fields work thus not only on the tissues at the surface, but penetrate the entire organism (also bone), as well as all organs and cells.



  • Cardiac pacemakers

  •  Acute autoimmune processes, e.g. Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Acute MS

  •  Drainage valves

  •  Insulin pumps

  •  Pregnancy

  •  Before and after transplantation

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