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Dark Field Microscopy procedure:
Using a very fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the ear lobe or finger of the
patient on a glass slide. Without fixation or coloring, the blood is examined immediately
under a special dark field microscope with 1000X enlargement. The patient can follow the
process via video transmission on screen. The examination lasts approximately 15 minutes.
The blood can be examined again at regular intervals for several hours after taking the sample. This procedure informs us about the speed of cell degeneration, cell resilience, immune system, degenerative tendency and the susceptibility to tumors.


We recommend repeating this examination every 3 months during biological treatment. The Integrated Care Center periodically offers courses on this method of blood examination. With this method, it is proven by researchers the existence of correlation between blood parasites, symbionts, bacteria and fungi that develop in the human body are transformed into pathogenic agents of diseases, depending on the inner terrain (i.e. according to the acid-alkaline balance, protein content and level of trace elements). The early stages of a dysfunction which have not yet caused any illness, but nevertheless presents a threat to the patient’s health, can also be detected under dark field examination. Therefore, this type of examination provides a necessary instrument in our ability to access and address health within an individual.  With the use of dark field microscopy, and coupling it with such therapies as isopathic and biological remedies, we can alter the health within the milieu of the patient, and in many time, offer the important antibiotic effect that leads to positive health outcome.

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Moreover, we can view any developed structures such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Dark field microscopy shows the state of the blood cells, endobionts and plasma, making bacterial processes and fungal pre-stages in the blood visible. The dark field examination particularly suitable for the evaluation of patients experiencing chronic diseases, recurring bacterial problems, candida and other fungal problems and children who are prone to infections. It can also provide answers to questions concerning chronic toxicity (e.g. amalgam disturbances)

The dark field microscopic examination of a freshly extracted drop of blood is one of the most important examinations in holistic medicine carried out in Integrated Care Center, it enables us to view the inner terrain (milieu) and to examine the functionality of the blood cells. It also shows the evolutionary stages of the smallest proteins (endobionts) which are found in every human body. 

Dark field microscopy is a vital instrument for the supervision of biological therapies. For example, tests can be made by adding blood directly to the medication and by controlling its reaction. This examination is very motivating to patient because the results can be discussed and demonstrated live on-screen. It cannot be replaced by any other blood examination; neither by a normal microscope examination nor by blood tests sent to laboratories. The blood rapidly changes its function if there are changes of the inner terrain. Another positive point is the possibility of judging degenerative tendencies, which is vitally important for assessing a patient’s susceptibility to tumors.

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