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What we do here that makes us Unique?

Bio regulatory Medicine addresses the four pillars of health?
- Mind-body medicine, and
- Oral health
- Drainage and detox,
- Diet
We used a sophisticated synthesis of the very best natural medicine with modern advances in technology. In addition to identifying the root cause of disease. The Bio regulatory Therapeutic Process starts with the ·Bio medic evaluation. This includes your medical history and conventional medical check -up where necessary, and a detailed history of psychological development, emotional issues and
stress management. Nutritional and lifestyle analysis follow, often in conjunction with laboratory analysis & Bio resonance Screening Tests for nutritional deficiencies, sensitivities and environmental toxicities.
Thereafter, your body is given support prior to the vital stage of detoxification. Complex homeopathic medicines are then used to clear toxins from the connective tissue, known as the matrix. We can effectively heal each layer of disease through a comprehensive course of
treatments with the aid of supplements and remedies at different stages of the process. The patient comes first: by participating and facilitating in their recovery, they are in the driving seat, putting them back in charge of their own health.

Integrated Medicine incorporates a broad range of conventional and complementary therapies. These therapies are aimed at restoring and facilitating the physical, psychological, nutritional, bioenergetics and environmental aspects of the individual & Health condition.
The purpose of the initial two treatments is to establish your individual status of constitutional and acquired Health weaknesses and formation of a Health plan. The follow - up treatments aim to bio regulate all existing Health imbalances.

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