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Biological Dentistry

Biological dentist understands that the mouth and body are connected and that illness or disease that occurs inside the body is reflected orally and vice versa. Factors like stress, diet, and sleep patterns has something to do with oral inflammation and any other disease.
From the perspective of Biological Medicine. Dead teeth/tissue, root canals, implants, metal fillings etc. cause or worsen, in due course, mild chronic inflammation in the area of dental roots (often without noticeable symptoms) , which can unnecessarily stress the immune system and cause disease.
The difference between Traditional dentist and Biological Dentist is their approach to the practice. A traditional dentist often treats symptoms, while a biological dentist tries to find the root cause of the symptom. A traditional dentist may see a cavity, drill it, and fill it. But a Biological dentist will inquire about a patient’s diet, workout regimen, hormone imbalances, and sleep patterns that may promote healing and prevention.

Diagnostics, Dental Consultation

● During the consultation Biological dentist will request Dental panoramic radiograph OPG picturing the entire jaw and all teeth for identifying & disturbance fields, from the perspective of Biological Medicine. Dead teeth/tissue, root canals, implants, metal

fillings etc. cause or worsen, in due course, mild chronic inflammation in the area of dental roots (often without noticeable symptoms!), which can unnecessarily stress the immune system and cause disease.
● Extensive initial dental examination
● Creation of your individual treatment plan

Diagnostic Investigations
● Saliva (dental flora testing)
● Oligo scan (heavy metal test)
● Alfa Thermography (The Physiology of Dynamic Thermometric Analysis of the Skin in Visceral Health & Disease )

Biological Dentistry Services Platelet-Rich Fibrin: This second-generation platelet concentrate has the following advantages:
no need for additional reactive agents, and a higher concentration of platelets in comparison to platelet-rich plasma.
The PRF protocol involves the centrifuging of the patient’s whole blood, resulting in the formation of three layers. The bottom layer contains red blood cells, which is discarded; the top layer is clear-colored and is termed platelet-poor plasma; and the middle layer, which is the fibrin matrix, is used as a membrane in bone regeneration procedures. Benefits are:
● Faster Implant and Wisdom Tooth Removal Healing
● Less Pain after Dental Surgery
● Decreased Swelling
● Accelerated Osseo integration or Healing of Bone to Dental Implants
● Improved Strength of Bone Integration to Dental Implants
● Improved Natural Bone Grafting Success
● Decreased Chance of Dry Socket and Bone Pathology after Tooth Extractions
● Increased early blood supply to Tooth Extraction Socket
● Facilitates Fast and Proper Healing of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Sites

It is used also as a rejuvenation of the Gingiva for promoting highest opportunity for pockets healing.

Ozone Treatment
● Ozone enhances wound healing, improves several properties of erythrocytes and facilitates oxygen release in the tissues. This causes vasodilatation and hence improves the blood supply to the ischemic zones. Therefore, it can be successfully used in cases of wound healing impairments following surgical interventions like tooth extractions or implant dentistry.

Bio-Ceramic Root Canal Treatment
● Reduced the possibilities of infection around the root and enhance the bone healing as its PH is high (Alkaline to reduce the surrounding inflammation). It has a good adhesion to the dentine the dental tissue so it will reduce the leakage of infection in
the bone and the tooth. It has silicate powder to ensure zero shrinkage and blocking the opened dentinal tubules for more inflammation prevention. It also show high flow ability so it will seal the auxiliary canals for prevention of bacterial passages. Neuralgia inducing cavitational Osteonecrosis (NICO)
● Is the process when there is a lack of blood supply to an area of bone thus resulted in “dead” bone. We usually see this occurring in the jawbone. It will be seen as a hole in the jawbone which can occur after a tooth extraction that did not heal correctly.
Treatment of cavitation involves surgically cleaning the area remove all unhealthy bone (chronic fatty degenerative inflammation) and other problem areas such as abscesses, cysts, etc. After removing the unhealthy bone, the goal then is bone regeneration.
Ozone and/or Laser therapy is then used as a sterilizing agent, sealed with absorbable sutures, to prevent later contamination. Prior to surgery, it is important to enhance the patient’s immune system and bone regeneration capacity. We will create dietary
recommendations and food supplement lists with probiotics to help prepare as well as reduce inflammation and stress on the body.

Pre Dental Preparation
● Pre Dental Supplements - one week prior to any dental procedures. Serves as binders
and shield to any ingested material during the procedure

● Pre dental IV infusion – Personalized preparation of Infusion as per the procedure
● Dental IV infusion – Administered same day of dental Procedure
● Magnet (Dental) (before and after RCT/Amalgam Removal)
● Light Therapy (Dental) (before and after RCT/Amalgam Removal)

Amalgam Removal

Silver mercury amalgam restorations are comprised of 50% mercury, with the balance being silver, copper, tin, and zinc. Mercury vapor is known to be released from dental mercury amalgam fillings at higher rates during brushing, cleaning, clenching of teeth, chewing, etc., and mercury is also known to be released during the placement, replacement, and removal of dental mercury amalgam fillings.

Amalgam Removal Protocol:
● Gentle amalgam removal under protective measures and oral plus systemic
detoxification is discussed during the Pre dental/ Dental procedure
● Prescribing supplements for binder prior the removal
● Administration of IV infusion for excretion of toxic heavy metals in blood specially
● Other procedures that detoxifies the body from heavy metal that was stored in the
system for long period of time like, light therapy and magnetic field therapy.
● Detox is a must after doing Amalgam removal.

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